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But what strange genetic modification is at the base of the change that has transformed the ruling class of what was the greatest empire in the world into a masnada of unsuspecting men ready to be appecoroned in front of the violent on duty? Within a period of 20 months we have been reduced to dealing with terrorists and dictators, making us dictate the lines of foreign policy, kidnap an Italian? Let’s make 5 terrorists released! A high personality of undoubted moral caliber comes to our country? Let’s not find out that if not a fierce and bloody dictatorship could do commercial retaliation against us!

Are we joking? Are we or are the heirs of the Roman Empire? Are we or are the descendants of the immense figures that characterized the Risorgimento? Are we descendants of the Hero of the two worlds or not? Are we or not the nephews of the heroic Boys of 99? Are we or not the peers of the heroes who defend liberty, democracy and honor of Italy everywhere in the world?