Optimizing the Operating System


Operating System on any computer is the program that helps to run all the other programs smoothly. The computers won’t work efficiently without the operating systems. But sometimes the performance of your computer can be hampered because of various reasons. Here is what you can do to make sure your computer is working perfectly.

1) File Indexing: Indexing is a method of storing files and data on the computer in a particular way. It optimizes the performance of your computer and provides you search results faster. But for this, the operating system needs to store each file indexed, which can be a time taking the process and extra burden on your system. You can disable the file indexing in your computer setting if you don’t think it is helping you and rather is wasting the resources.

2) Clean the registry of your computer:  Registry is the place where all the applications are registered into, installing new applications, updating the old ones or deleting a few applications can mess up the computer registry, bringing down its performance. It is the best option to scan and clean your computer’s registry regularly to avoid putting an extra burden on the system, similar to Calminax that can help to improve your hearing ability.

3) Remove desktop picture: We all want to see our favorite picture from our last trip, or our families sweet memories, the moment we start our computer. But putting up the desktop picture can really slow down your computer’s performance. Instead, use plain color backgrounds to enhance the overall speed of your computer.

4) Defragment your hard drives: Defragmenting is a process where the computer system rearrange the files and store them in a proper order to optimize the space on your hard drive. This can enhance your computer’s performance hugely. It is one of the easiest ways to boost your computer’s performance by regularly defragmenting your hard drives. For this, it is important to have some free space on your computer so the process can be done efficiently.

5) Clean up unwanted files: There are a lot of temporary, corrupt and unwanted files on your computer that you might not be aware of. These files use up space on your computer and can slow down its performance drastically. It is best to get rid of these files on a regular basis, you can keep a check on all required software and applications, remove all unwanted applications. Also get rid of unwanted files by using various applications like the Windows Disk Cleanup or the DustBuster application.




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