The Expò Web of the International Calligraphic Competition, “AbbecedariocheFigura “, has been online since June, on the website in its sixth edition and organized by the Caus – Centro Arti Umoristiche e Satiriche, the Competition was born from an idea by Raffaele Palma, with the collaboration of Piero Ferraris and TullioMacrì. The proposed theme is fascinating and unique: the abbecedario. This essential literacy tool, which has remained unchanged since the 1800s, needed a creative renewal and use.  The challenge was to use letters and numbers not strictly related to the relationship between the latter and the demonstration figures. Unlike, therefore, the current abbreviations used in schools, in the works of the winners and the best selected calligraphers, each letter is no longer associated with the initial of an image but forms a figure with other letters. Tuesday 23 November 2010 the Hall of Honor of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, will host the Conference “The Art of Drawing in the Schools of Literature, Educational Tools for Literacy”. The Manifestation has the high patronage of the City of Turin and the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.