Turin Versus Beelzebub – Turin Against Beelzebub

Turin against Belzebù (Turin versus Belzebù) is inspired by two ancient legends: one wants the city  threatened by an evil dragon and then shot down by a fearless bull while the other  tells us a good   dragon   who sacrifices himself for the salvation of the subalpine capital and its citizens, helped by a bull friend. The symbol of the bull and that of the dragon have become the most represented zoomorphic symbols in the city. The dragons displayed on the external architecture of Turin (including the buildings included in the events of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy), are elements of decorum and decor such as: flag bearer,   friezes, weather vane weathers, heraldic emblems, etc. is mostly forged in metal, terracotta, stone, ceramic, wood and glass (more than 130 different types of photographs have been photographed in the city, but the number is destined to rise with the citizens’ reports to info@caus.it ).