Turin Capital of the Piumati – Where the inventor of the Bic ballpoint pen was born

A new tourist route related to the Piedmontese capital is visible online. It is an interesting visual review on the artisic decorations inspired by the art of plumage in the external architecture of the city. It was created by Professor Raffaele Palma, who with this proposal brings to 13 tourist tours related to Turin and Piedmont, all visible for free and with topographic map at the link: http://caus-ufficiostampa.it.gg/Home- page.htm  Turin, September 2010 * * * The decorations inspired by the art of plumage present on the facades of houses in civil dwellings and on palaces of historical, artistic and monumental interest in Turin (excluding churches and places of worship), form the object of this new touristic route visible, with a blink of wings, on the site http://www.caus.it/ 

Under the balconies of a building in via Nizza, giant faces surrounded by pens, probably of Aztec inspiration, watch the passage of the underlying pedestrians silently.