Turin angels and demons

The new tourist route related to the Piedmontese capital is visible online. This is a review strongly linked to the period of the saints and the dead, a sort of architectural vision capable of forming a fantastic puzzle, composed of beings of light and darkness. The virtual circuit was created by Raffaele Palma, which leads to 14 tourist tours related to Turin and Piedmont, all visible for free and with topographic map at the link: http://caus-ufficiostampa.it.gg/Home-page. htm The Press Office is edited by Piero Ferraris , the web implementation by TullioMacrì . Info: 339 60 57 369 – Mail: info@caus.it Turin, October 25th 2010     * * * Torino Angeli e Demoni “: the entertaining research of Raffaele Palma continues with an exciting route to navigate among the most disturbing simulacra of Turin. This time the adventure tiles are tinged with gloom, to compose a grotesque mosaic, made up of ghosts, demons, winged deities, dragons, snakes, skulls, devotional tiles of angels and madonnas, mermaids and other fantastic creatures. The beings of light and shadow alternate in a democratic sequence of images for an amazing virtual tour. “Hallowen, timeless time”. Within the “Torino Angeli e Demoni” itinerary, there could not be a lack of reflection on the pagan festival of Hallowen. Even in Turin, since Celtic and Roman antiquity, this time of year was celebrated with extreme care and respect.