New personal sites of the lawyer Pietro Anello, founder of the “Anello & Partners” law firm.

In the sites, you can also find a series of documents and articles written by the Avv. Pietro Anello, freely downloadable from the appropriate sections, but also lessons in banking law, of sure interest for secondary school and university students.

It is a grand gesture from Av. Pietro Anello to provide basic lessons in banking law to the secondary school and university students. This material is one of the core information that is needed by the students because as and when they move on to the real world, it is quite challenging as they have to face the real world. Having some basic knowledge will definitely be useful and productive in the long run.

The need for banking laws come in handy mainly when students are applying for their student loans. Most of the student population are not proficient about the mechanism of bank loans. This basic education will also help students to understand what taking loans mean and what is the procedure to be followed. Most of the time there is no knowledge about what legalities are there in the background of loan processing.

The most dangerous aspect is that there are laws regarding basic banking rights for each person. It is sad that most people do not know their rights regarding what is legal, or illegal or what can or cannot be penalized as a grave offense. Educating students both from schools and universities will encourage them to follow a career in banking or even law. This website can also help with studies especially to students who have a problem with these subjects. For more information, it would be better to navigate to this website for better clarity.

The sites are created as a contour and complement to the site of the “Anello & Partners” Law Firm accessible from the link, containing all the information and description of the professionals working in the Studio.


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