New personal sites of the lawyer Pietro Anello, founder of the “Anello& Partners” law firm.

We announce the opening of the new personal sites of the Avv. Pietro Anello.

Born in Philadelphia (VV) on 5 December 1956, residing in Rome, the lawyer Pietro Anello is registered in the Register of Auditors. Expert in the budgetary problems of banks and financial companies, he was responsible for the legal and tax sector of the Arthur Andersen “Banking and Finance Group” for which he worked from 1985 to 1994, before founding the ANELLO & PARTNERS.

Numerous activities and roles over the years by Avv. Pietro Anello : he was a contract professor of “Banking Law and Bank Foundations Law” at the Free Mediterranean University, Jean Monnet, of Casamassima (Ba) for five academic years; he has been a consultant in various banking and financial institutions, has had teaching roles at the IPSOA, INTERAUDIT, ISDA and LUISS graduate schools.
Pietro Anello is also a Director of the EnasarcoFoundation, and has authored numerous publications and articles.