Turin the Stone Age and the Celtic Character Oracle

Torino the Stone Age, is the new tourist route curated by Raffaele Palma, artistic director of the CAUS, Centro Arti Humorous and Satiriche. We are talking about a sort of urban pilgrimage that will allow our feet to “see” the city  that we tread on, often regardless of its beauties. Sidewalks, courtyards and road surfaces show their splendid mosaics, marbles, engravings, decorations and inlays. An unpublished face of the subalpine capital under our shoes. But this tour also offers a gift for 2011 to fans of divination. Knowing how to face it, it will reveal us, in fact, how to predict fortune and misfortune for the new year, when we step on the calligrams engraved on the stones of the sidewalks of Turin: the idea comes from an ancient oracle dating back to the Taurini (human settlements in the area of ‘current Turin to the III century BC .), readapted to the present day.