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02/03/2006 5.43.57  – Lotto game methods and systems High percentage progressions to obtain the best performance with ambate, and ambi on a fixed wheel. Written by:

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Turin the Stone Age and the Celtic Character Oracle

Torino the Stone Age, is the new tourist route curated by Raffaele Palma, artistic director of the CAUS, Centro Arti Humorous and Satiriche. We are talking about a sort of urban pilgrimage that will allow our feet to “see” the city  that we tread on, often regardless of its beauties. Sidewalks, courtyards and road surfaces show their splendid mosaics, marbles, engravings, decorations and inlays. An unpublished face of the subalpine capital under our shoes. But this tour also offers a gift for 2011 to fans of divination. Knowing how to face it, it will reveal us, in fact, how to predict fortune and misfortune for the new year, when we step on the calligrams engraved on the stones of the sidewalks of Turin: the idea comes from an ancient oracle dating back to the Taurini (human settlements in the area of ‘current Turin to the III century BC .), readapted to the present day.

New personal sites of the lawyer Pietro Anello, founder of the “Anello& Partners” law firm.

We announce the opening of the new personal sites of the Avv. Pietro Anello.

Born in Philadelphia (VV) on 5 December 1956, residing in Rome, the lawyer Pietro Anello is registered in the Register of Auditors. Expert in the budgetary problems of banks and financial companies, he was responsible for the legal and tax sector of the Arthur Andersen “Banking and Finance Group” for which he worked from 1985 to 1994, before founding the ANELLO & PARTNERS.

Numerous activities and roles over the years by Avv. Pietro Anello : he was a contract professor of “Banking Law and Bank Foundations Law” at the Free Mediterranean University, Jean Monnet, of Casamassima (Ba) for five academic years; he has been a consultant in various banking and financial institutions, has had teaching roles at the IPSOA, INTERAUDIT, ISDA and LUISS graduate schools.
Pietro Anello is also a Director of the EnasarcoFoundation, and has authored numerous publications and articles.


Magica Turin

The enchanted subalpine capital can enchant the most savvy and demanding visitor, with   its metaphysical squares, the orthogonal tree-lined streets, the   Baroque palaces , the friezes and the truly unique architectural decorations. The magical Turin has been examined, photographed, distilled by Raffaele Palma and condensed into the web, thanks to the technical and creative contribution of Piero Ferrarsis, TullioMacrì and Marino Tarizzo. Fourteen singular tours can be downloaded today, free of charge, on the Caus home page – Centro Humorous and Satirical Arts : The same tours can be reached from the Caus Press Office section : In both cases, the interactive map of the city helps to visualize exactly the street and the street number of the photographic detail that you want to observe.

Turin angels and demons

The new tourist route related to the Piedmontese capital is visible online. This is a review strongly linked to the period of the saints and the dead, a sort of architectural vision capable of forming a fantastic puzzle, composed of beings of light and darkness. The virtual circuit was created by Raffaele Palma, which leads to 14 tourist tours related to Turin and Piedmont, all visible for free and with topographic map at the link: htm The Press Office is edited by Piero Ferraris , the web implementation by TullioMacrì . Info: 339 60 57 369 – Mail: Turin, October 25th 2010     * * * Torino Angeli e Demoni “: the entertaining research of Raffaele Palma continues with an exciting route to navigate among the most disturbing simulacra of Turin. This time the adventure tiles are tinged with gloom, to compose a grotesque mosaic, made up of ghosts, demons, winged deities, dragons, snakes, skulls, devotional tiles of angels and madonnas, mermaids and other fantastic creatures. The beings of light and shadow alternate in a democratic sequence of images for an amazing virtual tour. “Hallowen, timeless time”. Within the “Torino Angeli e Demoni” itinerary, there could not be a lack of reflection on the pagan festival of Hallowen. Even in Turin, since Celtic and Roman antiquity, this time of year was celebrated with extreme care and respect.

Turin Capital of the Piumati – Where the inventor of the Bic ballpoint pen was born

A new tourist route related to the Piedmontese capital is visible online. It is an interesting visual review on the artisic decorations inspired by the art of plumage in the external architecture of the city. It was created by Professor Raffaele Palma, who with this proposal brings to 13 tourist tours related to Turin and Piedmont, all visible for free and with topographic map at the link: page.htm  Turin, September 2010 * * * The decorations inspired by the art of plumage present on the facades of houses in civil dwellings and on palaces of historical, artistic and monumental interest in Turin (excluding churches and places of worship), form the object of this new touristic route visible, with a blink of wings, on the site 

Under the balconies of a building in via Nizza, giant faces surrounded by pens, probably of Aztec inspiration, watch the passage of the underlying pedestrians silently.

Turin Versus Beelzebub – Turin Against Beelzebub

Turin against Belzebù (Turin versus Belzebù) is inspired by two ancient legends: one wants the city  threatened by an evil dragon and then shot down by a fearless bull while the other  tells us a good   dragon   who sacrifices himself for the salvation of the subalpine capital and its citizens, helped by a bull friend. The symbol of the bull and that of the dragon have become the most represented zoomorphic symbols in the city. The dragons displayed on the external architecture of Turin (including the buildings included in the events of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy), are elements of decorum and decor such as: flag bearer,   friezes, weather vane weathers, heraldic emblems, etc. is mostly forged in metal, terracotta, stone, ceramic, wood and glass (more than 130 different types of photographs have been photographed in the city, but the number is destined to rise with the citizens’ reports to ).

Reliquary of the Artist. Wanderer

EX INDUMENTIS – Artist Relics – extension closing

1 June 2 –  July 10 , 2010

Leaf art gallery

Via Mazzini, 9

10123 Turin

Tel. 011. 88.77.33


Great approval by critics and public for “Ex Indumentis-Reliquied’Artista”, at the Fogliato Art Gallery in Turin. Given the success, the collective art exhibition inaugurated on Saturday 12 June, will continue until 10 July 2010, inclusive. Free admission, every day, with a continuous schedule from 10 am to 7.30 pm.


The Expò Web of the International Calligraphic Competition, “AbbecedariocheFigura “, has been online since June, on the website in its sixth edition and organized by the Caus – Centro Arti Umoristiche e Satiriche, the Competition was born from an idea by Raffaele Palma, with the collaboration of Piero Ferraris and TullioMacrì. The proposed theme is fascinating and unique: the abbecedario. This essential literacy tool, which has remained unchanged since the 1800s, needed a creative renewal and use.  The challenge was to use letters and numbers not strictly related to the relationship between the latter and the demonstration figures. Unlike, therefore, the current abbreviations used in schools, in the works of the winners and the best selected calligraphers, each letter is no longer associated with the initial of an image but forms a figure with other letters. Tuesday 23 November 2010 the Hall of Honor of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, will host the Conference “The Art of Drawing in the Schools of Literature, Educational Tools for Literacy”. The Manifestation has the high patronage of the City of Turin and the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.  

LiveMi: Saturday, April 17 Nomadi and Riccardo Maffoni.

New appointment with the emerging music of LiveMi this Saturday in the Piazza Duomo Metro from 14.00 to 18.00 .

The City of Milan in collaboration with ATM and with the artistic direction of Red Ronnie realize LiveMi, the project that aims to give space to emerging musical realities with live concerts every Saturday afternoon; the groups that will perform have been selected through the official website, which now has more than 2000 members, the performances will be recorded and uploaded on YouTube’s LiveMi channel.

It will be possible to buy the unpublished songs of the selected artists on iTunes, where a new compilation will be released every week. The selections are still open, to register just register on the official website following the instructions.

For information: or