Optimizing the operating system, freeing it from unnecessary data and preserving its intact performance over time is a need that has always been particularly felt, both by the average user and by IT professionals. DustBuster is an application designed to work on all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, with the aim of identifying and removing all the useless files that have been sedimented on the hard disk during the normal activities of the system. This is not a new function, however the method used to obtain the highest cleaning depth currently available is innovative. Thirty-eight times more powerful than the famous and expensive Symantec Norton Cleansweep, completely free and updated thanks to constant feedback from users and testers all over the world, DustBuster optimizes the availability of hard disk space in seconds and with just one click. Compatible with Windows Millennium Edition, 2000 Professional and Server, XP Home Edition and Professional, 2003 Server, works in a dedicated version also on Windows 95 and both editions of Windows 98. Freeware, in Italian.