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The technology has developed so much and it helps the people in many ways. In olden days, to know the path to reach the destination, we would ask some common persons in the place and inquire how to reach there easily.

But now everything has altered.

We are all carrying a smartphone with us everywhere and uses the google map application to find the route to reach the destination place. It is really wonderful to see the magical technology improvements. But the sad part here is the communication gap has arisen due to the launch of the smartphones and the people avoid talking with other people.

Have you really satisfied with the map application?

I can say yes because it had helped me out many times when I got struck blind in a new place. It even gives us the traffic and how long it will take to reach the endpoint accurately. That is why most of the people trust in maps rather than human beings.

Although the online map application is very useful, it too sometimes shows us a wrong way. So, it is always better to ask the way to a person despite using only the map.

The other limitation is the battery and when the mobile doesn’t have fully charged battery and shuts down suddenly,  then there becomes a huge mess and we will really feel hard to find the route to proceed further.

There are many applications developed by the software engineers which work in the same way as maps. But all of them have the same negatives in it.

So, we can better communicate with the common people and try to find out the perfect pathway for the destination place.

Though the technology and the internet services have improved much better, still there are many cons while dealing with it and that is why even the smartphone lovers hate these applications sometimes.

Yes, there are many positives too. Come, let us have a look at it by Clicking here.

  1. It even provides us the route for even a small This is really good because many times, the map knows the way for the streets which is not even known by the surrounding people. This is the main reason why google maps are trending viral in recent times.
  2. It offers the public the facility of finding out the distance of travel through all modes of transport. That is, we can easily get to know the time difference between them.

Compatible with Windows Millennium Edition, 2000 Professional and Server, XP Home Edition and Professional, 2003 Server, works in a dedicated version also on Windows 95 and both editions of Windows 98. Freeware, in Italian.


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